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Full support of macOS Ventura and Sonoma

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Full support of macOS Ventura and Sonoma

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Volume purchase is available from our store. Pricing of Apple App Store depends of countries and Apple policy.

New volume discounts

We improved many parts of the store section too

How licenses are working?
Our pricing for apps is simple: one-time purchase only, no recurring subscriptions. Our licensing system is also simple. One license = one computer. If you need to install an app on multiple computers, you need to order multiple licenses. You will always get an automatic discount for volume purchases. Example: if you order 4 licenses, you will get the 30% discount that is starting from 2 units.

Licenses 2 5 10 25 50 75 100 250 500 1000
Discount -30% -35% -40% -45% -50% -55% -60% -65% -70% -75%