Deploy your own private AI app

Using open source artificial intelligence engines

Use private AI for better security

CustomAI is an app designed to add private AI for your business or organization. You can deploy the app with the name of your choice for your employees, students or any type of team.

The app is providing answers using open sources artificial intelligence models that you can host on your own server or at macweb.com. It's a versatile tool for many use cases.

CustomAI not only simplify the process of integrating an AI agent into your organization but also ensure that the AI is a valuable and intelligent addition, capable of providing users with precise and contextually relevant information. You need to contact us to get a demo version.

Requires macOS 14 Sonoma. The screenshots are showcasing an app named EasyBot as an example.

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Amazing Features

Beautiful user interface

Modern and intuitive, very accessible to any type of user

Convenient sidebar

Quick access to all previous conversations

International support

You can use the AI in the most popular languages

Open source engines

You can easily integrate the app with any open source models

Works with any server

You can integrate the app with your own server or macweb.com

Privacy & security

Your data is not shared to any third parties, you are always in control

Many options

We can customize the app for your vertical needs

Built for Mac

Requires macOS 14 Sonoma or later versions


Click on a picture to see a larger version. EasyBot name can be replaced by your company name