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The biggest strength of EasyGantt: simplicity and reliability. You can collaborate with your team or clients, create Gantt charts without scratching your head. We always focus our attention on the features that the majority of project managers actually use. Version 5 is a complete rewrite built for online collaboration.

Download links
Mac version    Windows version    iPhone version

Version 5.6.0. Mac version requires macOS 11 or later versions. Universal binary optimized for Intel and Apple Silicon processors. Notarized by Apple secure service to prevent malware. The Windows version requires Windows 10 or later versions (64 bits only - Intel or ARM).

Web access
easygantt.cloud   A simple address to remember
Features list EasyGantt Classic EasyGantt Cloud EasyGantt Cloud PRO
Platforms Mac Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Web Mac, iPad, iPhone,Windows, Web
Minimum operating system macOS 10.12 macOS 11, iOS 12, Windows 10 macOS 11, iOS 12, Windows 10
Optimized Intel, Apple Silicon Intel, Apple Silicon, ARM Intel, Apple Silicon, ARM
Pricing $79 one time only $39/month or $399/year $79/month or $849/year
Number of users 1 user 10 employees 25 employees
Full dark mode support
Tasks and milestones
Percentage of completion for tasks
Resources assigment
Cost management
Gantt view with browsing options
Dependencies between tasks
Attach documents to tasks
Calendar view
Kanban board
Team notifications
Customer management / access
Time management
Invoicing, recurring billing
Payment gateways (to be paid directly)

NOTE: because of technology challenges, projects made in version 4.2 or older versions cannot be migrated to version 5.

Optimized for modern web browsers

Full support of Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge