Pay2Register 1.0

Charge users to register

Optimized for BuddyBoss or BuddyPress communities


This WordPress plugin allows you to charge users a fixed price to create an account at a website, or a community. In settings, you can define the currency, the amount to charge, your payment gateway API keys, the displayed text sentences. The plugin requires a Stripe account. After updating the settings, you only need to create a new WordPress page and include the shortcode [Pay2Register] to display the registering form. Compatible BuddyPress and BuddyBoss plugins.


Some communities using the plugin
maczoom.com | bestofdesign.io | ifrance.io

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Version 1.0. Requires WordPress 4 or later versions (compatible version 6). After creating your new registration page, you will also need to redirect the default registration URL of WordPress to the new page (the option exists in BuddyBoss).

Example of a registering screen powered by Pay2Register