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  • Jan 13 2023
    News Introducing EasyGantt 5

    The new version is available in two versions. BASIC and PRO. EasyGantt 5 is a complete rewrite, built for collaborative project management. It's available for Mac, Windows and Linux!  NOTE: because of many technology challenges, files of version 4.2 and older versions cannot be converted.


  • Jan 02 2023
    News Introducing WebStats 1.0 and SmartURL 1.0 services

    At the beginning of this year, we are very happy to introduce two new services:
    WebStats is a way to track your website visitors in realtime with full respect of privacy. An alternative to Google analytics.
    SmartURL is a way to stay in control of your links for shortening, targeting, and tracking. 
    Both services can be tried for FREE.

  • Dec 26 2022
    News Improved download of updates

    For all products, we fixed an issue corrupting the application when you download an update from Check for Update option.
    All applications downloaded from today will now download updates correctly. 

  • Dec 26 2022
    News Donation now accepted for freeware

    Due to popular request, you can now donate any amount to help the development of our freeware applications. Click the link below to be redirect to our partner Stripe.


  • Dec 20 2022
    News Full support of Apple Pay

    We added full support of Apple Pay to our websites. We also support Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and UnionPay (China). If you are looking to add support of Apple Pay to your website, we can do it for you.

  • Dec 02 2022
    News Improved tickets management

    In the user account section, you will now see an improved user experience to submit tickets and manage communications with us. It's valid for all our domains. As a reminder, you can use the same login and password for all our websites.

  • Nov 28 2022
    News xProline is our new corporate brand

    With our new strategy to build cross-platform apps, we decided that it was necessary to clarify our marketing, and branding.

    xProline is our new corporate brand to sell our skills in development and services. 

    We have three other brands showcasing our products for each platform:

    macproline.com only showcase apps for macOS users
    winproline.com only showcase apps for Windows users
    nuxproline.com will only showcase apps for Linux users

    We are very excited with our new strategy to bring amazing products and user experience on all platforms with native apps.

  • Sep 07 2022
    Opinions Dynamic Island is so Apple

    We love the new products released by Apple today, but the most interesting was the unveiling of Dynamic Island, a smart integration of software and hardware. Something that only Apple can do. It's very neat and fun to use. Developers will be very creative, and we cannot wait to see new interactions taking advantage of it. Maybe the name Dynamic Notch was making more sense, but Island is fine too. It's something that Apple cannot build in weeks. The design process on this evolution is clearly years of thinking and developers, engineers work. We can bet that the Dynamic Island will be part of the iPhone 15 next year. 


  • Sep 02 2022
    News Welcome to ExpressionEngine 7.1

    Packed Tide team did a great job to bring ExpressionEngine to a new level. Two weeks after releasing version 7, they published version 7.1 with more features but they also updated the pricing listening to the community. Thumbs up for that. Clearly, version 7 is mind blowing and our new starting framework to develop dynamic websites. Contact us to learn why it's a better choice than WordPress.


  • Aug 08 2022
    Tips The best tools to check your website

    There are many great tools and services to check the quality, security and SEO level of your website. 
    We are presenting on this blog post, the ones that we use the most frequently.





  • Aug 03 2022
    News ExpressionEngine 7 is available

    ExpressionEngine is a CMS powering our websites. We love using it for the quality of the user experience but also because of the strong security of the engine, trusted by thousand of companies worldwide. Because of the quality,  it's often considered the macOS of CMS (content management systems).

    The new version 7 is bringing a lot of new features related to Files management and it's including many add-ons that were only available as an option in previous versions. We tested the beta version and we were impress by the quality and the performance. It's really fast. 


  • Jul 27 2022
    Opinions The best low code, no code tools

    The future of design and web development is about low code, no code tools. Most people are aware of Webflow but the list of tools is growing quickly. We try every new tool. This is our top five list.

    1. Glide Apps - beautiful UI/UX


    2. Doris CMS - simple and clean


    3. Wappler - getting more friendly


    4. AppMaster - entreprise


    5. WeWeb - powerful


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